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 Avoid Scammers

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[Admin] DarkHorse08

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PostSubject: Avoid Scammers   Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:50 am

Avoiding Scammers

1. Avoid scammers that will make your account banned. if someone give you a large amount of gold telling you to buy some items from them afterwards, do not follow this or the system will detect some irregulalrity (they will make your gold negative and this will be detected by the system as cheating) on your gold account and it will ban you automatically in seconds. Instead take a screenshot of that player who will give you big amount of gold and will ask you to buy from them and report it to me and i will ban them immediately.

2. Avoid scammers telling you they are GM and askign for items, gold or username and password ingame. Remember GM and Admin wont ask any items, gold, username or password for anybody ingame. Gms and Admin dont have school badge in their name and has a tag [GM] or [Admin] on their names. Instead if you see GM or Admin impersonators please report it to me immediately with screenshots as a proof.
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Avoid Scammers
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